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“Hi, I am Jo Zephyr. I am dedicated to cocreating your business’s financial success and growth.”

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Welcome to Kosmic Balance, where your business’s financial well-being is my passion. I am an experienced bookkeeper, BAS agent and business advisor, dedicated to simplifying and supporting your business journey.

With over 20 years of diverse industry experience, I offer not just accounts management, but a partnership to help you understand and manage your finances better. Collaboration can make your business more efficient, profitable, and prepared for a thriving future. Let’s work together to keep your business in balance! 


Accounts management and bas services

Bookkeeping, financial management, business systems

Know where your money goes by understanding your costs—direct, fixed and variable.

Get accurate and immediate insight into your business financial position.

Make better choices about where your money is best earned and spent.

Understand your compliance obligations as a business owner.

Clarify your priorities with guidance and mentoring in personal and business sustainability.

Minimise the time spent on day-to-day admin and bookkeeping tasks so you can focus on what you want to be doing!

business advisor and counsellor

Helping to keep your business in balance

It’s incredibly valuable to talk about your business with an impartial but supportive advisor. You can get objective feedback, intelligent questions, practical tools, and insightful suggestions. Take the time to think out loud, kick around ideas, brainstorm, get support for challenging situations or celebrate milestones.

If you can articulate a problem, you’re halfway to solving it. However, implementing solutions or changes can be challenging. Being in business provides just as much fuel for evolution as family, partners or personal interests! 

Business advising and counselling also involves financial planning, budgeting and cash flow management, as well as sustainability, priorities, goals, use of time and energy and many other aspects. The field for discussion is wide open!



Technical, blog and content writing for bookkeeping, accounting and software

Writing services include blogs, articles, newsletters, or web content relevant to your business. While I write mostly for bookkeeping and accounting businesses and related providers and software, I have also written on a variety of topics such as alternative health, counselling, fitness, fashion, food and more.

I can also create technical user guides and instructional manuals with screenshots of the process and steps involved in using the product. 

Whether you’re interested in regular specific-sized articles or blogs on accounting and business technical knowledge, or ad hoc articles, I can write according to your specified SEO parameters.


Professional supervision

Supervision and mentoring for bookkeepers on the journey to being a BAS agent

Jo Zephyr is an accredited BAS agent supervisor with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers and has been supervising, coaching and mentoring new bookkeepers since 2016.

You can receive coaching and mentoring in ad hoc or regular sessions instead of or in addition to formal supervision. The supervision process involves regular reviews and checks of a bookkeeper’s work to meet the Tax Practitioners Board requirements for relevant experience.

Along the way, we’ll discuss what training and/or mentoring you need to develop professional BAS agent technical knowledge and business skills. You’ll be supported in starting out and growing as an accounting professional.


Monthly Bookkeeping

Including managing accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliations, and general bookkeeping tasks to keep your financial records accurate and up-to-date.

BAS Preparation & Lodgement

Preparation and lodgement of ATO activity statements, TPAR, and payroll tax, ensuring compliance with tax obligations.

Payroll Management

Managing employee payroll, Single Touch Payroll reporting, and superannuation requirements, ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time. Simple payroll in Xero, complex payroll with Employment Hero or other dedicated payroll apps.

Financial Year-End Review

Offering a comprehensive review of accounts at the end of the financial year to prepare for tax filing, review business performance and plan for the next year.

Xero Training and Support

As a Xero Gold Champion Partner, I can provide training and support in using Xero software for day-to-day business functions, helping you leverage this powerful tool for your business transactions and financial management.

Accounts Migration

If you’re planning on transitioning from MYOB, QBO or Saasu to Xero, I can complete the whole conversion or work with your team to assist in setting up the new Xero file accurately, offering ongoing support and training in Xero until you and your team are familiar with Xero.



“Our mission at Kosmic Balance is to be a key element guiding the prosperity of your business. We believe that healthy financial management is the foundation of any thriving enterprise. And that true prosperity is much more than financial success – it’s about what makes you shine, it’s how you are of service to others, it’s linked to your purpose, contribution and flow in the world.

By providing expert accounts management, tailored BAS solutions, and comprehensive Xero support, we aim to empower you with insight, clarity, efficiency, and control over your finances. Our dedication goes beyond getting the numbers right; we’re committed to being your trusted partner in sustainable growth, ensuring you have the resources to make informed financial decisions that impel your business towards lasting success and prosperity.”




Transitioning to systemising my accounting initially felt so daunting that I put if off for a long time.  But when I brought Jo on, I didn’t realise what I really needed was the SUPPORT she offered in this transition, as much as the transition itself.  The training sessions w Jo were so thorough.  These sessions offered the big picture and were detail orientated at the same time. I felt so confident in managing Xero for myself thanks to Jo’s ability to teach with clarity.

Sarah K Jones

Jo helped me establish my small consulting business and has been patient, thorough and diligent throughout all the various administration, BAS returns, Superannuation, and EOFY taxation matters involved.  Jo has been an invaluable source of advice and her help has enabled me to focus on the things I am better at!

Paula Giles

We Are Singularity

When I started a new business a few years ago I taught myself the basics of Xero and I love it. Jo was recommended to me as a “Xero Angel” and so I booked a training session to see what else I could learn. Not only did she do a “health check” on my accounts and fix mistakes I had made, she has helped me to use Xero far better than I was before. I can now do my own bookkeeping properly—rather than the incomplete job I used to do! I didn’t know anything about the BAS process in Xero, she has instructed me in running and customising reports, and now that I understand the bank reconciliation process I do not have errors or double entries in my banks. I can now run reports confident that I am looking at the right figures.

I have since booked sessions with Jo at year end as another set of eyes to assist me in reviewing and analysing my business finances. She is an objective advisor who asks excellent questions that always help me to consider aspects of business I may not have. Thanks Jo!


As a new aspiring bookkeeper, fresh out of study I felt overwhelmed and daunted by the huge gap of knowledge from the theory to the practical side of bookkeeping.

Jo has been one of the greatest gifts in my business and personal life.  Her wealth of knowledge in both practical bookkeeping application and her deep understanding of business operations enabled her to teach me a unique and practical perspective to organise my bookkeeping needs in the most efficient way possible.

Her extensive knowledge in all the requirements of the bookkeeping industry enabled me to ensure that I was meeting the highest standards within the Industry.

As a business coach she is exceptionally intuitive and understanding and will guide you to your highest potential without pushing her own agenda or leading you in a direction that doesn’t resonate with you.

I personally could not recommend her services enough and would be happy to be a reference if anyone would like more information on her services.

M. Klein

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